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„Much more than just a hotel – Oberdeck Hamburg is a home away from home“

Usually you only write reviews when you are unhappy. In my case, it’s the exact opposite: I am so enthusiastic about Oberdeck Hamburg that I would like to recommend this apartment hotel in the middle of Hamburg to others traveling to Hamburg. I first went to the apartment hotel in Hamburg-Altona when it had just opened.

For everyone who, like me, doesn’t know exactly what an apartment hotel is: there are no “normal” rooms at the Oberdeck, but instead apartments with everything you need for a temporary home away from home.

A fully equipped kitchen, for example. But since I imagined this to mean the wildest hodgepodge of individual cutlery and old pots, I immediately threw open all the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen unit. And what can I say? The equipment at Oberdeck is the best I’ve ever seen.

From cutlery for 4 people to glasses and bowls, lots of pots and pans, sharp knives, ladles, etc. Even a kettle, Nespresso coffee machine, toaster, stove with 2 ceramic hobs, microwave, and dishwasher. It’s got it all. And it was also extremely tasteful and brand new! Puts our kitchen at home to shame 😉

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„stunning 360° panoramic views“

The Oberdeck won my heart with the attention to detail. I then fell in love when I saw the sleeping level: unlike in hotels, the sleeping and living spaces are separate here. To get to the bed, you climb a fairly steep staircase to the loft (but you get used to it quickly) to a super comfortable bed. Super cuddly! The small disadvantage is that watching TV from bed is difficult, but the comfortable sofa in the living area makes up for it.

There is also a small table for breakfast, coffee, dinner… and, of course, a bathroom. What I particularly like here is the spacious shower and the fact that the bathroom has a window to the living area. Especially when you are alone, you can let in the daylight. For two, however, it takes a bit of getting used to because you’re on show 😉

On our first visit to Oberdeck Hamburg, we had a classic room without a balcony. This least expensive category was completely sufficient for two and there is also a great replacement for the balcony: upstairs, there’s a publicly accessible roof terrace that offers incredible 360° panoramic views over Hamburg. When the weather is nice, it is really breathtaking up there! You can chill out on the stylish lounge furniture and grab a coffee or small snacks from the machine.

Incidentally, you will get to know the other residents of the apartment building pretty quickly and you can get one or two tips for day trips, because some of them are there on extended stays and are making the Oberdeck their base for the longer term. Of course, they know what is going on where. And there is a lot: the Oberdeck is located in the middle of Hamburg’s trendy Ottensen district with its countless pubs, bars, and restaurants. There’s also a lot of good shopping in the nearby pedestrian zone; no need to drive into the city. There’s even an IKEA there! One evening, we went to the Zeise, an arthouse cinema in an old industrial building close by.

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„impeccable cleanliness“

When we came back to our apartment hotel after a lovely evening in the middle of Hamburg, we felt right at home. The super nice staff at the reception, which is staffed around the clock, always greeted us very friendly, and the whole building is stylish both inside and out, but still very warm and inviting.

When it was time to say “Vacation in Germany!” it was immediately clear to both of us that we were going to stay at Oberdeck Hamburg. This time we wanted to stay longer, a whole week, so we treated ourselves to a comfort room with a balcony. We could afford that because we were able to cook and dine in our apartment and didn’t have to go out to eat every evening.

We noticed the impeccable cleanliness on our first visit, and, on the second time too, there was no need to worry about hygiene. All areas of the Oberdeck are meticulously cleaned, some even several times a day. You decide how often you want to have your serviced apartment cleaned.

We found that it was time for a clean after three days. Then you just let the reception know and, unlike in hotels, where the cleaning staff likes to burst in while you are still there, you can even set a time for the cleaners to come. This, of course, is super practical. You can go out shopping and come back to a sparkling clean apartment!

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„will definitely come back“

Because we were there for a whole week, we were able to benefit even more from the low prices at the Oberdeck apartment hotel. Getting there is also very easy: step off the train and you’re at the front door after just two minutes’ walk. As far as I can tell, the apartment hotel can also be easily reached by car and the airport is not far away by taxi or S-Bahn. I would always recommend the train though!

The second time we went on many trips into the city and the surrounding area. Many buses and S-Bahn trains stop at Altona station, so you can get almost anywhere directly. The best thing to do is to buy a Hamburg CARD right away, so that you get discounts in museums and so on with your ticket.

However, we were even able to reach our favorite spot in Hamburg (apart from our balcony at the Oberdeck) on foot: the Elbe River. If you walk a bit along the river, you’ll come to a beach with real sand. You can sit there, have a beer, and watch the big ships come into port. Beautiful! Afterwards, we usually got takeout at one of the Ottensen restaurants and then enjoyed it on our balcony. We bought drinks and breakfast items in a supermarket just around the corner. And what is particularly practical: the shops in the station are, of course, also open on weekends, so if you’ve forgotten something, you can stock up there.

We were really sad when it was time to leave our temporary home away from home in Hamburg. And we will definitely come back to the Oberdeck soon, because after a stay there you won’t want to stay in a “normal” hotel!

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Marina Reiter

August 2020

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