The Boardinghouse – What our guests say

Whether it is for a city trip, a business trip or temporary living- there are many reasons to book a stay at OBERDECK Studio Apartment. The best reason, however, is the boarding house itself: Thanks to its perfectly furnished studio apartments, it is well equipped for every requirement. But just read what other guests have experienced at OBERDECK Hamburg!

Testimonials 1

OBERDECK for Business Travelers

I run a small gallery in Hamburg-Altona. As part of my exhibition work, it happens time and again that I need medium to long-term accommodation for my artists from Germany and abroad. Hotels and hostels are ruled out because of their mostly impersonal furnishings. So I looked around for suitable boarding houses, apartment hotels, and serviced apartments in Hamburg and found what I was looking for with the Oberdeck.

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Testimonials 2

OBERDECK for city trips

Usually you only write reviews when you are unhappy. In my case, it’s the exact opposite: I am so enthusiastic about Oberdeck Hamburg that I would like to recommend this apartment hotel in the middle of Hamburg to others traveling to Hamburg. I first went to the apartment hotel in Hamburg-Altona when it had just opened. I found it through a hotel booking site and, because my friend and I were planning to stay a few days, I liked the concept of the hotel.

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Testimonials 3

OBERDECK for temporary living

When I started a new job in Hamburg at the beginning of the year, I was looking for suitable accommodation. Since I am originally from Austria and didn’t yet have much of a network in Hamburg, the search for an apartment unfortunately turned out to be a little more difficult than expected. Thank God my employer drew my attention to Oberdeck Hamburg. The apartment hotel is centrally located in the heart of Altona. Booking was straightforward and booking for a longer period wasn’t a problem.

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